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Garden spotlights are a lighting system generally used to create a soft light, as it, in the classic version, propagates from the bottom upwards. Generally, this term also indicates the wall spotlight that is fixed on a support base and in this case the light is diffused from top to bottom. In any case, the garden spotlight cannot be considered a primary light source, since the intensity of the light emitted is rather low, since the spotlight was designed to be inserted in an area of ​​the garden in order to emphasize it and put it in relief thanks to the light.


Garden spotlights are used to create a path along an avenue, to highlight a particular area of ​​the garden where very rare plant species are present or to delimit the edge of a swimming pool. According to the use to which it will be made, the spotlight is able to produce different lighting. In the case of the avenue, it will have the function of marking steps, so it will not have to have a real lighting but simply a path formed by many small lighthouses. The light emitted by each lighthouse is of low intensity, so it will also be necessary to consider the minimum distance that must be between one element and another. A particular area of ​​the garden where rather rare plant species are planted becomes a corner to make visible and admirable even during the night hours. The spotlight can be used to surround the entire area and thus immediately capture the attention of those visiting the garden. The most classic use is certainly the one referring to the delimitation of the edge of a swimming pool, since, in addition to performing an aesthetically very interesting function to highlight what is the shape of the pool itself, it also acts as a signal to warn you that it is there. present a swimming pool. Each can freely insert into their own spotlight garden, but the result can certainly be much more interesting and balanced if they are arranged in an organized manner and following an established principle, which is to create a light that can illuminate a space that is wants to make it particularly visible in the evening.


There are different models of garden spotlights on the market. Let's start with the spotlights placed directly on the ground. It is a spotlight that is inserted into the ground, it is resistant and does not require any type of maintenance. In addition to these characteristics, it is also resistant to temperature changes. All these elements made it become a trend in the garden. They can be chosen in the round, rectangular, square shape, and can even have a different color. The classic spotlights emit a yellow light, the most innovative ones can also emit a colored light. This effect allows you to create rather scenic environments within the garden itself. The traditional spotlight must be connected to a lighting system. To overcome the cost of electricity, you can always choose a solar-powered garden spotlight. In the latter case, the spotlight will take advantage of the sun's rays which will be converted into energy by means of a solar panel, thus completely eliminating the cost of electric current. It is advisable to place the solar spotlight in a point of the garden where it is obviously not covered by the foliage, because this would prevent the solar panel from correctly capturing the rays of the sun.


To create a lighting system for the garden with spotlights, it is necessary to trace a path to create established points where to insert the same spotlights. When the design of the garden is entrusted to a specialized company, the workers themselves will deal with the main focal points where the spotlights will be inserted. If the garden is personally designed, it is preferable to see on the market what are the possible alternatives. At the sales points it is also possible to ask for advice with reference to the new products presented on the market and to the relative installation inside the garden.


Garden spotlights on the market have a variable cost, depending on their size and characteristics. Moreover, the cost will be higher when they will have to be installed in greater numbers, so it is preferable to trace the path of the spotlights to verify precisely the number of those that actually are needed.

Gardening: Garden spotlights

Choosing which product is the most suitable accessory to light up your garden is certainly not an easy choice, also because the market offers us different and varied solutions. One of these is undoubtedly garden spotlights, although to tell the truth, the light they emit responds more to a more aesthetic than a functional need. This is mainly due to the fact that, beyond the type of spotlight that is going to be chosen, everyone can create a particular effect, defining particular areas of the garden or highlighting an area with particular vegetation.


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