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Battery-powered programmers

Battery-powered programmers

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The battery-powered programmers are represented by a small device made of plastic and running on battery that allows to set the necessary parameters to start the irrigation system.
The choice to install a battery-powered programmer is dictated by the need to have a constant daily irrigation, even if you are not present at home. The programmer is set by setting times and the time required for the irrigation itself. You just need to remember to replace the battery, otherwise you will start to see the vegetation deteriorate. The parameters to be set must always take into account the type of plants in the garden and the quantity of water that is needed daily. In addition to the battery-powered programmer, it is also possible to place a special sensor capable of verifying rainy days, thus preventing the latter from coming into operation, creating too much irrigation. In any case it is a very useful device that allows to have the garden always perfectly watered, which is indispensable even if only the lawn is present. When the work on an irrigation system is entrusted to a specialized company, it will be the workers themselves who will advise the installation of a battery-powered programmer for its convenience and practicality. There are several models on the market, some of which also allow for zone irrigation, thus alternating areas that have greater or lesser need for irrigation. It is therefore a model that offers different functions and can be particularly useful especially if it is a garden in which there are various species of plants with different irrigation needs.

How to choose it

The battery-operated programmer can be installed very easily. Inside the package are all the instructions to follow to be able to program it, so it is an operation that can be easily performed. A constant use of the irrigation system provides for a limited battery life, so it is always advisable to check whether the system is working properly. In order for the garden to always look pleasant, it must be given adequate care and irrigation is essential. Sporadic irrigation could be expected in case there were succulent plants that do not need to receive much water. When planning the construction of the garden, it takes into account and evaluates what the most suitable plant could be, and together with the customer the choice of the different species is made. Especially when it comes to creating an underground system, it is advisable to correctly define the path that the same plant will have to follow, otherwise you risk ruining the entire garden.

Battery-powered programmers: Where to buy

The battery-powered programmer is purchased at gardening stores, DIY stores or on the internet. Gardening shops have everything they need to build an irrigation system and also different models of programmers. The basic model is quite simple to set up, but there are also the most sophisticated ones. The undecided customer can always ask the dealer for useful advice. On the internet, despite the convenience of being able to make the purchase at any time of the day and receive the chosen item directly at home, it must be borne in mind that the battery-powered programmer will be chosen on the basis of photographs and, if an item should not be delivered corresponding to the description, you must send it back. Inside the site you can find all the necessary information that the customer might need. For this reason it is always recommended to read carefully what is reported on the site before ordering the programmer. Entrusting the work of construction of the irrigation system to specialized people does not have the problem of choosing the accessories. The same programming will be set taking into account the needs of the plants in the garden. It is therefore important that the customer who decides to carry out the installation independently knows how to manage it, which is certainly easier when it is a limited area compared to a large space. However, works for the construction of a plant require time and for this reason too many decide to entrust the work to a company. In any case, the programmer is an excellent comfort that allows you to have the garden perfectly watered even when you are leaving for the holidays.


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