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English garden design

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The English garden mainly follows a rather 'romantic' style, where often the naturalness with which it is realized can make the garden look wild, but in reality it is not. Care and maintenance of the English garden are essential so that all the elements are perfectly fused together by combining strongly characterizing elements such as pagodas with other natural elements such as waterfalls. If you want to create an English garden in your garden, you need to be sure that this style is what he actually prefers to do, as he often also uses tall trees that, besides being quite expensive, are also quite difficult to move. The design phase allows you to have a pretty clear idea of ​​what the final result of the garden will be, thanks to the new and modern systems used through the computer, it is possible that the customer immediately realizes what will be the shape of his Outer space. Addressing the design studio for exteriors, it is also possible to compare the English garden with other possibilities, and to be actually aware of the choice of the type of garden. The design is followed only by specialized people who deal mainly with satisfying the customer's needs but also with the plants, and making sure that once placed in that space they can have a natural survival and that they are of the most suitable species for that particular type. of soil and climate. The initial phase is fundamental, usually the design of the garden is associated with the construction phase of the house, so that at the end of the work of the same, the garden is also finished. Each type of plant requires a particular watering, therefore in this phase the irrigation system will also be built, which will allow to have, with an independent automatism, a watering that will come into operation according to a precise programming chosen by the customer.

Personal planning

When you decide to create an English garden personally, it is necessary to have the minimum basic knowledge and follow all the indications that will eventually be provided by the nursery itself. When you go to purchase plants at a sales point, you can also ask for advice on the treatments they require, so that the plant can have a rather long survival. Personal planning is born first of all from the desire to be proud of the work done, and if you document yourself through textbooks, the work will be even better. The subdivision of the different areas of the garden allows for a well-distributed space especially today where there are rather small areas. The important thing is to know what is the philosophy of the English garden, in order to insert all those characteristic elements that can distinguish it from another type of garden.

English garden design: Specialized design

Specialized design requires the intervention of only very competent people in the gardening sector, who will be contacted directly by the customer who will collaborate in the design phase of his garden. Being a private and personal space, the customer will give the main indications on the aspect that the garden will have to have, but the intervention and the expert's opinion will be fundamental to recreate a green space where the plants are inserted and can have there an excellent life cycle. The planning usually takes place through a program that allows the customer to see the distribution of the spaces and the choice of the plants directly on the computer monitor. In this phase the customer can decide whether or not to make changes to the garden and give further details on the plant species or even indications on a single predominant color within the garden space. After this phase it will follow that of the realization whose times will depend very much on the size of the garden and on the complexity of the realization of each corner, for example small bridges can also be inserted with bridges, which will certainly require longer construction times than a garden English with few furnishings. When you design the garden, you can also request a quote to get an idea of ​​the total cost of the garden.


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