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Grill barbecue


The grill pan is widely used in the kitchen, and is used for grilling not only steaks but also vegetables, chicken, turkey and fish. This type of grill is used directly on the kitchen flame. The most widespread model is made of cast iron, a fairly heavy material but which guarantees a homogeneous diffusion of heat, and is able to maintain this temperature for a long time. Its shape is quite classic, rectangular, with a series of grids inside, and a handle, usually made of wood to avoid getting burned.

Cooking methods and times

When dishes have to be cooked on the grill pan, it will first need to be properly heated and then placed over the food. In this way the food will immediately come into contact with an ideal temperature and will immediately begin to roast. Cooking times with this system are quite rapid. If you have to cook chicken or turkey breast, use a meat tenderizer to make it thinner. Even the classic Florentine steak, cooked in this way, will have excellent cooking. It can be said that the steak grill is a valid alternative to the barbecue because in reality it reproduces the same grid even if not closed, and makes use of a propagation of heat. We must not forget that with it you can also cook sausages, which, like some of the foods mentioned above, can create smoke. By virtue of this it is important to always operate the hood, to avoid the spread of unpleasant odors in the environment. As with barbecue, the meat will drip a lot of its fat that will be deposited on the grill itself. In this way cooked foods will certainly be healthier. Moreover, it has already been said that with this system vegetables can also be cooked, which in this way do not lose their fundamental properties.

The materials and the different types of use

Some griddles are also made of aluminum, a material that in some cases tends to make food stick, unlike cast iron. It can be purchased of the most useful size for each, and obviously the larger it will be, the more food can be grilled. The grill, in addition to being used directly on the kitchen, can also be used on the fire, for example on the fireplace or by lighting coals outside.

The electric grill

Today there are more technological versions, such as electric griddles. This is a very interesting solution, powered by electricity. This version allows you to use the grill even comfortably in the garden and allows you to cook even without having a kitchen. Obviously being placed outside, the problem of smoking will certainly be of little importance compared to what happens for the traditional grill used in the kitchen. The grid is the same, but an electric resistance passes under it, whose temperature is regulated by means of a knob. Furthermore the ignition is very simple. There are also griddles with a fat collecting compartment: the fat that melts on contact with heat does not remain on the grill but falls into this compartment below, where it is collected. The possibility of adjusting the temperature adequately to the food to be cooked allows to obtain an excellent degree of cooking without risking burning the food. Furthermore, cooking takes place in a uniform manner because the heat diffusion affects the entire grid and does not remain concentrated only in the center, unlike the traditional grill, in which the heat of the flame spreads more slowly.

The cleaning

Cleaning must be done wisely as the fat tends to settle and if you do not remove the grill it remains dirty. It is advisable to avoid the use of abrasive sponges because they tend, over time, to ruin the surface and to scratch the anti-adherent part. It is therefore advisable to first clean the grill pan with absorbent paper and then proceed with washing with hot water and soap. It must be stored only after it has been cleaned and dried both inside and out. Regarding the cleaning of the electric grill it is necessary to follow the instructions on the packaging.

Grill barbecue: Costs

The costs depend a lot on the model, depending on whether you choose a classic kitchen grill or a garden model, and the size. In any case, the market is diversified enough to guarantee everyone the model that best matches their needs. Even the network is a great starting point to find one's way and choose the model that perhaps has the specific function one was looking for. In any kitchen, however, a classic griddle cannot possibly miss.