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Barbecue Wood

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Wood and the discovery of fire have allowed men to learn how to eat cooked food, and the wood-burning barbecue has essentially the same characteristics as the primitive method of the discovery of fire. The wood when it burns produces heat and smoke, and when it goes out only the ash remains. The wood-burning barbecue mainly uses this natural material and some useful substance to facilitate a simpler ignition. It is the most widely used method when outings are carried out and there is no portable barbecue to be lit with charcoal. Putting together small pieces of wood creates a sort of 'volcano'.

The ignition

Ignition is undoubtedly the most difficult technique to learn, because often, after the first flame, the wood tends to go out. Today, at DIY stores, you can find substances that promote ignition, and in this way the wood starts to burn more easily. Often, however, when everything is suddenly organized, it happens that you find yourself without these substances for ignition. In this case it takes a lot of patience and sooner or later the wood will start to burn. To avoid placing the grid directly on the ground, or in any case placing it close to the ground, a rise can be created laterally with small logs or bricks. In this way the food will not burn because it will be placed at the proper height. When the drone begins to show the first signs of extinction it will be necessary to add more wood, because this, unlike the charcoal that remains hot for a long time, turns into ash. A wood-burning barbecue that must be used to cook a considerable amount of food must have a considerable fire, so that everything is cooked quickly. The system, as you can see, is very simple and does not require any particular trick. Obviously flammable substances must not be thrown on the flame, but only specific products must be used.

Places and models

Having no closure, this barbecue must necessarily be made in an open space also to avoid the unpleasant presence of smoke, for which a light breeze is sufficient. The wood is lit directly on the ground, so there must be no objects or trees nearby, which could easily be damaged. The wood-burning barbecue is only an alternative to the model that uses charcoal, in fact, in addition to the solution described above, on the market it is possible to find barbecues, sometimes also in a transportable version, which can be powered by wood. The wood below the grill lights up the wood, which must be very thin, as there would not be enough space to make it burn. The smaller models can be used both in the garden and on the balcony, they are very light and easily transportable. Some have folding legs to take up even less space. The thorough cleaning of the compartment in which the wood is burned ensures greater durability than the barbecue, but you should always avoid using water. The grill can be disassembled and easily washed.

Various uses

Even the masonry barbecue can use wood for lighting, especially if the model is also equipped with a small oven, where it is necessary to use wood. In this case we prefer to turn everything on in the same way. The taste of grilled meat is undoubtedly different from that given by a traditional cooking and in addition the barbecue offers the possibility to live a moment of conviviality in the open air, being in company while cooking. The recommendations for wood-burning barbecues are the same as those for other barbecues, since it is always a source of heat, to which it is good to avoid children approaching easily, since they could be burned by touching the grill or the barbecue itself .

Barbecue Wood: Costs and models

Each model of barbecue has certain characteristics that make it special: there is one that has wheels for easy movement, the one that has a larger grill for cooking a greater quantity of food faster, the one in masonry and what can be also achieved independently without having to buy it. The costs vary from model to model, and those who have the fireplace, even in winter, do not have to give up the grill, because the wood-burning barbecue reproduces the fire of the fireplace, in which case there is also the luck that being equipped with a hood the any smoke does not disperse at home. The advantage of a masonry chimney is that the smoke does not remain in the surrounding environment but is dispersed thus avoiding that the smells of the dishes can remain on the guests' clothes.