Natural christmas tree

Natural christmas tree:

For Christmas decorations we can use natural fir trees; we do not think that our fir is taken from the wild wood, in fact in Europe the Christmas trees are grown specifically to be used in winter, and for each tree cut or grubbed up a new specimen will be planted to grow. However, we would like to remind you that these are alpine plants, which don't like the home climate, especially in winter. So if possible place our tree outdoors, in a place away from direct sunlight, so that it can enjoy the winter cold. If we want to keep our tree at home, we try to avoid losing all the needles because of the heat. Whether it is a tree with roots or a top, or a tree cut at the base of the trunk, our Christmas spruce can survive at home for a few weeks, but it is essential that it does not receive excessive heat and that it can enjoy a little of humidity. So if possible, place it in a not very heated room, or in any case far from any source of heat. In the saucer, we always leave a little water, and if possible near the plant we place a humidifier, or a basin full of water, to increase the environmental humidity. If possible we also vaporize the foliage frequently, as long as the lights and decorations placed on the tree allow it.