Decorate the Christmas table

Decorate the Christmas table

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Decorate the Christmas table:

At Christmas the most used colors are red and gold, or the combination of blue and silver; we can also use these colors for Christmas table decorations.
A simple centerpiece can be prepared using fir fronds, which we can buy in the nursery, the other decorations will be chosen in combination with the color of the tablecloth and plates.
We prepare a large colored plate, in the middle of which we place some damp florist sponge; on the sponge we can insert portions of fronds, in order to cover it completely, thus producing the base of our centerpiece.
The shape of the centerpiece depends on the shape of the sponge and on the length of the fronds, we can give life to a garland, leaving a central space, or a stretched wreath.
Among the fronds already positioned we can place small candles, balls of the tree, a Santa Claus, small stars, or even colored ribbons, or even winter fruits, such as citrus fruits or grits apples.
It is up to our imagination to decide what to place in the centerpiece, even if the candles should not be missing, a symbol of light, which at the same time recall the birth of Jesus, light of the world, and the equinox in winter,
or the light that comes back after the longest night of the year.


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