We defeat snails and slugs

We defeat snails and slugs

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We defeat slugs and slugs:

Snails and slugs are parasites that tend to be very harmful, especially in the vegetable garden or on the terrace, where they can quickly devour fruits and young leaves of all kinds of plants. On the market there are special baits that kill these animals when they ingest them; these are products based on metaldehyde, very poisonous, which must be placed with care, to prevent pets from eating them, intrigued by the smell or color. These baits are generally placed in small heaps, near the garden plots, we try to position these baits in little visible positions, such as between the grass at the edges of the garden, or between the low leaves of a shrub. The baits tend to melt over time, so it is advisable to check when the piles are exhausted and replenish them. There are also mineral-based products on the market that are not harmful to small animals; also in this case they are baits, which sometimes must always be placed in small heaps, in other cases they are scattered on the ground at the time of the preparation of the parcel. As for the slugs it seems that the arrangement in the garden of small containers containing 4-6 cm of beer leads to the rapid extermination of this type of animals.


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