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The abelia is a beautiful deciduous garden shrub; blooms in summer, continuing its flowering until late autumn; the flowers are small and white. It is placed in a sunny place, or in any case bright, in the garden; with the passage of time the shrub tends to empty itself in the lower part and become dsordinate, with the arched branches which tend to become thinner srempre; to avoid this it is fundamental to practice a good pruning of the plant every year: after flowering, in autumn, all the branches are shortened, especially the thinner and elongated ones, giving the plant a roundish habit. In autumn the foliage of the abelia takes on a reddish color, very decorative. After pruning we spread at the foot of the shrub of the orgnaic fertilizer, or of the slow-release granular fertilizer, which will guarantee over the months the right level of mineral salts in the soil.