Repot a bonsai obtained from layering

Repot a bonsai obtained from layering

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Repot a bonsai obtained from layering:

We prepare a suitable soil mixing fine pumice stone with akadama and with humus-rich soil; mix the mixture well. We remove the lay of the bush on which we had prepared it, making a clean cut below the bag containing the moss that surrounds the branch. With the aid of a cutter, we cut the wire that held the plastic film in place around the moss, taking care not to ruin the foliage of our new plant. After this operation we can well notice the roots that have developed from the branch we have properly prepared. We apply pruning mastic to the base of the layering, on live wood caused by cutting the lay of the shrub. We fill a small vase and place the layering in our place, taking care to bury the new root system, trying to keep the new plant obtained by us well in place.