Watering of the garden

Watering of the garden

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Watering of the garden:

When we water the garden we use a lance or a sprinkler with fine and thin rain; in this way on one hand we will avoid moving the seeds recently spread on the ground, thus avoiding that they group in the hollows and that the young plants develop into separate tufts; and at the same time we will evenly moisten the soil. Especially during the warm months or immediately after sowing the watering must be prolonged, so that they moisten the substrate in depth and guarantee a good water content for a prolonged period; very superficial watering and slight entities tend to evaporate quickly, leaving seeds and roots dry in a very short period of time. In watering we also remember that what we need to wet is the soil and not the plants, especially if we are talking about plants with large foliage; in fact the humidity that remains on the leaves can often cause the development of fungal diseases, such as hatred, which are very harmful to the plants of the garden. In the case of large plantations of large foliage plants such as tomatoes or courgettes, we can also practice small plants in hollows near plants; when we water we fill these hollows, thus avoiding to wet the foliage. We also avoid watering during the hottest hours of the day; in general it is advisable to prefer the early hours of the morning: in this way the humidity will tend to evaporate more slowly, guaranteeing the presence of water in the ground for a long period of time.


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