Jin processing

Jin processing

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Jin processing:

Jin processing consists of debarking and bleaching wood; in this case we work on a partially dry stem, so as to embellish a part of the bonsai that is no longer functional. First of all it is essential to remove all the dry wood; if we need to remove an entire branch or stem we can use a drill with a cutter, so as to remove a large part of the dry wood. After removing the dry branch, we work with a cutter to reach the stem below the dry wood; so we give the wood a pleasant shape. With the help of a small wire brush we also remove chips, dust and small pieces of dry wood. When we have obtained a pleasant shape we can impregnate the dry wood with the appropriate liquid jin, which avoids the rotting of the wood. If the jin is practiced on live wood instead we impregnate the surface with an antifungal, only after some months we are going to impregnate it with the liquid jin.