Cultivation of potted plants

Cultivation of potted plants

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Cultivation of potted plants:

Most annual and perennial plants, as well as shrubs, which we grow in the open ground in the garden, can also be grown in pots. It is important to remember that the conditions present in a small container are not identical to those present in full ground. So even the treatments that we will have for these plants will be forcibly different from those we give to plants in the garden. Surely the first thing we can notice is that the potted plants need on average more watering than the sisters grown in the open ground; this happens above all for the shrubs, that in pot do not succeed in widening to the best their radical apparatus, and therefore in case of drought they cannot look for water elsewhere if not in the same pot. So let's remember to periodically check the soil contained in the pot, and let's quickly water our plants if the soil is very dry, especially during the hot months of the year. For the same reasons plants cultivated in pots need periodic fertilizations, to replenish the right content of mineral salts contained in the soil; therefore in spring we mix to the substrate of the granular fertilizer; or mix the fertilizer with the water used for watering, at least every 12-15 days. We avoid in any case to re-use the soil contained in the pots from year to year; this is because on one side the potting soil tends to remain without mineral salts with the passage of time, moreover it is very appreciated as a refuge for beetle and oziorrinco larvae, which are very harmful for ornamental plants. If we want to cultivate shrubs in very large pots, difficult to repot every year, we can also, in spring, simply remove the first 15-20 cm of substrate contained in the pot and renew it with new, rich and fresh soil.


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