Repair bonsai and succulent plants for winter

Repair bonsai and succulent plants for winter

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Repair bonsai and succulent plants for winter:

Many succulent plants slightly fear the cold, but they can easily withstand even intense frosts, as long as they are not excessively prolonged and provided that the growing substrate is well dry. So during the winter we can place them in the garden, or on the terrace, but protecting them from environmental humidity, with the use of plastic sheets; we can simply place our succulents on shelves, which we will cover with plastic film, or if we live in areas with mild winters, we can place them in the garden and build small tunnels around them, to be covered with plastic film. Also many bonsai can be placed outdoors during the winter; these are mainly bonsai grown from native plants, also present in nature. These plants do not fear the cold, but the small bonsai pots excessively expose the root apparatus to the cold. As far as outdoor bonsai is concerned, it is therefore important to place them in a sheltered and very sunny place, so that the earth contained in the pots does not freeze completely, thus causing also the freezing of the root system of our plants. If we do not have a sheltered place for our bonsai, we can repair the earth contained in the pots; the best method is to cover the pots with the woven fabric. We proceed by cutting a strip of non-woven fabric, which we are going to wrap tightly around the vase, until it covers the whole vase and all the soil, up to the stem of our bonsai.