Repotting of a cactus

Repotting of a cactus

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Repotting of a cactus:

The cactaceae have a modest root system, and in general quite slow growing; in any case it is advisable to repot how many plants, at least every 2-3 years, preferably in autumn. They do not like having large spaces in which to spread out, so we always choose a crock-sized container that is slightly larger than those of the vase in which they were placed. We also avoid placing more species of cacti in the same vase, because not all of them have identical needs and often tend to compete, generally causing the death of some specimens to the advantage of others. We prepare a well-drained and incoherent growing medium, using a part of soil, a part of sand and a part of lapillus, perlite or pozzolan. Then we extract the cactacea from the previous container, possibly avoiding irreparable damage to the thorns; to avoid pricking and ruining the spines we can grasp the plant only after covering it with polystyrene. We can also prepare a sturdy fabric or cardboard ribbon, which we will use by wrapping it around the plant and joining the ends: in this way we will create a real handle from which to lift the plant without damaging it and without hurting ourselves. Then we insert the plant in the pot and cover the root system well with the substrate previously prepared, we try to compress the soil enough to allow the plant to sustain itself. Then we place the vase in a sunny place, sheltered from the cold; avoid watering for at least 10-12 days after repotting.


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