Asparagus cultivation

Asparagus cultivation:

For the cultivation of asparagus it is better to directly buy 2 or 3 year old roots, which is the period after which the product can be harvested. Asparagus grows in most soils, but it is necessary that the soil has a good drainage and that it is free from pests so it must be constantly weeded with products suitable for use in the garden.
To create an asparagus, during the autumn and winter it is necessary to dig the soil, fertilizing it well with organic manure.
The soil in which the roots are planted, therefore to create asparagus, must be well moist and fertilized. The plant of the roots (or legs) of asparagus will be made in March.
Arrange the plants covering the roots with a layer of 5-7 cm of soil, spreading them well outwards. Arrange them at least 45 cm apart from each other.
Between one row of asparagus and another it is necessary to leave some passageways, as the ground must be constantly weeded.
In October the yellowed stems will be cut, and a layer of at least 5 cm of manure or compost will be distributed, then add several centimeters of soil on the row. The shoots can be cut starting from the third season of your asparagus, cutting them obliquely 2-4 cm under the ground, with clean cuts. The shoots are cut from March to June. After which they are allowed to grow so that they produce nourishment in the crown for the following year's harvest.
The most important treatments for an asparagus are therefore the winter fertilizer, the spring fertilizer, the maintenance of the stems from June onwards, because the organic substances serve as nourishment for the plant itself and it is important to maintain asparagus manually and constantly.