Creeper bonsai

Creeper bonsai

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Creeper bonsai:

Bonsai of climbing plants are among the most difficult to obtain; generally they are prepared only by the most experienced bonsaists. Climbing plants are very vigorous, hence the difficulty in "reducing" them in bonsai form. The most common climbing bonsai are the bougainvillea and the wisteria. It starts from a single well-developed stem, which can support itself on its own, without the need for a trellis to wrap around; the initial formation pruning is done trying to maintain the natural development of the creeper, therefore we try to favor the development of a fake espalier, or the sketch of a short pergola. In other cases the climber is cultivated like any other plant, and therefore it gives shape to a short stem on which rests an enlarged crown, as if it were a tree. The development of climbing plants is very vigorous and continuous throughout the growing season; so it is good to remember that pruning must contain this development, to prevent the creeper from quickly returning to its original development, ruining the bonsai. After flowering, proceed by shortening the branches frequently, keeping only 2-3 leaves on each branch; in this way the development of new shoots is favored and the dimensions of the plant are contained. At such a vigorous development they need regular watering and fertilizing; therefore we prefer the use of slow release fertilizers, which guarantee a good content of mineral salts constantly present in the soil. Watering will be administered only when the soil is well dry, avoiding excessively soaking the substrate. Such vigorous plants often correspond to an equally vigorous root system; every two years, in autumn, we proceed by uprooting the plant, shortening all the roots for about half of their length and repotting the plant using fresh soil, rich in organic matter.


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