Rosa Summer Gold

Rosa Summer Gold

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The beautiful buds with their elegant shape and bright yellow color make this particular floribunda rose a delightful attraction. This variety has an early flowering with a rapid succession of flowers. Very healthy and very resistant plant to diseases. It is a plant that reaches a height of 0.80 / 1.00 m. It releases a very intense aroma. It flowers until late autumn giving color and fragrance to the parks and gardens that host it.

Rosa Summer Gold: Rose floribunde

The Summer Gold rose is a flower much appreciated for the beauty of its flowers and belong to the The floribunde roses are a particular family that is characterized by the production of large and durable flowers; these roses were born at the beginning of the twentieth century from hybridizations of hybrid tea roses and polyante roses.
Thanks to their rusticity they are easily cultivated and are also used due to the fact that their flowering lasts from spring to late autumn.
The shrubs of this family usually do not exceed 150 cm in height and are perfect for coloring flower beds and borders.
For a luxuriant bloom, these roses must be placed in sunny and bright spaces and in a fresh and light soil, as well as well-drained, to avoid the formation of radical rot.


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