Rosa Commandant cousteau

Rosa Commandant cousteau

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LARGE FLOWERS ROSECommandant Cousteau

This variety of rose is a hybrid of Thea with large flowers with an elongated shape and a magnificent velvety dark red color. It has dark green foliage with excellent disease resistance. During the growing season it has a continuous flowering. It reaches a height of 0.80 / 0.90 m.
It is a very fragrant rose variety, rustic and resistant to diseases, as well as to cold temperatures, down to -15 ° C.

Rosa Commandant cousteau: Roses and cultivation

Growing roses in the garden is an activity that can bring great satisfaction, thanks to the beauty and details of the flowers that these plants produce.
To obtain the best results for Commandant Cousteau cultivation, we must focus on choosing the ideal place for growing roses, bearing in mind that these plants love bright and sunny places; in case the summer temperatures are very high, it is good to place the plants in a partially shaded place, so that they can be repaired when the sun is warmer.
As for the choice of the soil, the ideal is to use a soil that is not too calcareous, slightly acid and with good drainage power.
Watering, during the vegetative season, must be recurrent, but checking that the soil dries slightly between one and the other to avoid the possible onset of rot.


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