Rosa Nostalgie

Rosa Nostalgie

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A variety that will excite with its shape, its color and its perfume. The flowers of the Nostalgie rose open in a round shape and their composition of white-cream-cherry red colors, creating a rarity in garden roses. The foliage, very shiny, similar to leather reinforces the pleasant impression of the whole. A variety suitable for every place! NOSTALGlE® is certainly an elite rose for amateurs and connoisseurs.
It is a re-flowering variety that will delight everyone with its flowers throughout the summer. It is a plant of easy cultivation given its resistance to diseases and, for those who are not lucky enough to own a garden, it also lends itself to being cultivated in pots. The bush usually reaches 70/100 cm in height.

Rosa Nostalgie: Treating roses

Roses, especially those belonging to the family of tea hybrids, famous for the beauty and durability of flowers, have no particular cultivation requirements, except that it is better to know that, in order to have abundant and wonderful blooms, it is good to cultivate them in a bright and sunny place. Only if the summer temperatures are very high, then it will be advisable to arrange a semi-shaded area to prevent the plants from being damaged by excessive temperature and radiation.
Another good habit to allow the best growth concerns the choice of the right soil, which must be light and draining, to prevent water from stagnating, with the consequent formation of root rot or diseases.
At the end of winter, then, the roses should be cleaned and pruned to allow the development of new shoots.


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