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Summer Lady

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A classic rose that is rarely found. Its beautiful color, from light pink to a more intense pink shade, will enchant you. The plant flourishes continuously and has a strong and abundant foliage.
This variety has a sweet and delicate aroma and reaches a height of 1.20 m. These roses are rather resistant to diseases and are also very appreciated as cut flowers, for the creation of particular compositions, thanks to the originality of their flowers.

Summer Lady: Care of roses

In order to have strong and luxuriant Summer Lady rose plants, long and difficult interventions are not necessary, it will be enough to have some precautions in their planting and vegetative phase, in order to enjoy long-lasting and abundant blooms.
Roses should be planted in a type of soil that is light, with a predominance of acid, rich in nourishment and with a good degree of drainage, so that the formation of stagnant water is not possible, dangerous due to the possible onset of rot or fungal diseases.
Another aspect not to be underestimated is that which concerns the placement of rose plants, which should be placed in sunny and bright places. As far as the water supply is concerned, it is advisable to intervene regularly during the vegetative phase, waiting for the soil to dry between one water supply and another.


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