Rosa Golden Monica

Rosa Golden Monica

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Rosebush with an abundant production of splendid golden yellow flowers on long and strong stems. Abundant and very healthy vegetation. Height 0.80 / 1.00 m. Scented. Also suitable for cutting.
This rose belongs to the hybrid tea family and was selected by the breeder Tantau; It is a re-flowering plant, very vigorous and resistant, which is also suitable for growing in pots, but which, for a good development, must be grown in the open ground. This variety comes from the Monica roses, which have orange flowers, instead of yellow like in these roses.

Rosa Golden Monica: Cultivation of hybrid tea roses

The Golden Monica rose is a rather vigorous and resistant plant, which is well suited to easy cultivation. To obtain good results and an abundant flowering, it is advisable to place the plants of this type in a bright place, where they can receive some hours of direct sunlight. During the hottest hours of the summer season it is good that these roses can be in semi-shade, to avoid that excessive heat induces signs of suffering. The ideal soil is that rich in organic substances, slightly acidic and with a high draining power, to avoid water stagnation, which could cause the onset of root rot. Watering should be done regularly, checking that the soil dries between one water supply and another. At the end of the winter season, it is possible to provide slow release fertilizer to supplement the necessary nutrition.


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