Vine - Vitys vinifera

Vine - Vitys vinifera

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The vines need periodic watering during fruiting; the persistence, however, of an excessively humid climate favors over time the development of some specific diseases, such as gray mold, or botryte, and oidium; the first afflicts the bunches of fruit, while the second affects the large leaves. Downy mildew, a rapidly expanding fungus, also frequently affects the vine leaves, which are then periodically treated with copper and sulfur sprays.Lives: Other qualities of the vine

In addition to the juicy fruits from which it is obtained in wine, the vine is also widely used in the traditional pharmacopoeia and in herbal medicine; leaves and seeds have great properties widely used for capillary protection. The fruits, on the other hand, are an excellent purifying food, which favors the elimination of waste and free radicals.
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