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Plants with large leaves

Many of the plants grown in the apartment have large leaves, and are in fact grown not so much for flowering, but as for the evergreen foliage that we can enjoy throughout the year. These are very different plants, some have round, stiff and leathery leaves, others have leaves similar to long ribbons; some are species of natural origin, while in many cases they are hybrids or cultivars, so they have been selected by man for the color of the foliage, the size and the aroma they give off.
In any case, most of the leafy plants grown in the apartment originate from tropical places, with temperatures similar to those present in the home, therefore never less than 12-15 ° C, but often with a decidedly humid climate, or in any case much more humid. of the one present in a house during the summer drought periods or in the periods in which the heating or air conditioning system is active.

Large leaves: care of foliage plants

As said before, most leaf plants originate from areas with a hot and humid climate; spatifilli, aglaonema, calatee, can also adapt to the climate in the home, but we know that we will hardly get the same large, shiny leaves that we see in the nursery, when buying the new plant.
A few tricks can instead allow us to have over time luxuriant and healthy plants, with healthy and shiny leaves.
First of all it is fundamental the position in which we decide to put our plant: first of all we avoid places close to sources of heat or air, including floor heating, in fact air conditioners, fans and radiators all have the same defect, or excessively dry the air, damaging the leaves.
In addition to keeping them away from sources of air or heat, it is good to avoid placing our plants in places of high traffic; this concerns all plants, but in particular plants with large leaves. In fact, every time we pass near a plant we risk colliding with the leaves, each time causing minor damage to the tissues of the leaves themselves; therefore in the long run our plants will tend to lose all the leaves placed near the area where people pass.
Finding a place with the right lighting is also essential: most houseplants in the wild live in the undergrowth, therefore favoring good brightness, but not direct light alone. We therefore avoid placing the plants too close to the windows, but also in excessively dark corners.
Found the most suitable place for our plants the other tricks to cultivate them at best concern periodic care.
- Remember to spray the foliage often, so as to keep the ambient humidity high; to do this we preferably use vaporizers with a very fine, almost nebulized jet; we fill our vaporizer with demineralized water, in order to avoid limestone build-up on the leaves.
- Periodically clean the leaves, using a slightly damp microfibre cloth; with the passage of time the dust present in the house accumulates on the leaves, obstructing the pores present on them. This operation, besides being healthy for the plants, also has an aesthetic motivation, since the clean leaves are also more shiny and pleasing.
- We verify from the nursery, online, or on specific texts, what the water needs of our plants are; in general we will have to water them more from March to October, more sporadically in the remaining months of the year. However, we avoid leaving the soil dry for prolonged periods of time, and we also avoid water stagnation.
- Every 15-20 days we mix the specific water for green plants with the water used for watering.
- at least every 2-3 years we repot our plants, taking care to provide a container slightly larger than the previous one, and fresh and rich soil.
Following these few rules we will certainly maintain healthy and luxuriant plants over time, hardly attacked by pests or insects.


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