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Christmas plants

Every year, as we approach Christmas, at home and abroad we use trees and plants as auspicious and festive decorations. In general, the most used plants in the apartment are not very suitable for the climate present in winter in homes, so it is good to follow some simple precautions, to keep our plants beautiful and lush throughout the Christmas period, and possibly even for months to to come.

Generally, for wreaths and decorations we use pine or fir ram, shoots of mistletoe and holly; in all cases these are branches cut from the plant, which will therefore tend to dry out over the course of days; to keep the leaves shiny and shiny we can use fresh branches and leaves, which we will remember to vaporize frequently, at least once a day, in order to avoid a very rapid drying due to domestic heating; in any case, it is inevitable that these decorations tend to be ruined over time, surely losing part of the foliage. If instead we decide to use already dried material we can improve the colors using special sprays, useful for polishing the foliage, but also to color it, perhaps with golden splashes or fake snow. Such wreaths are generally long lasting, and if well placed they can be reused in the years to come.Christmas: Christmas tree

In Italy it is strictly forbidden to take trees directly from the woods, as Christmas trees are in fact used plants specifically cultivated to be used as Christmas trees, and every single specimen is controlled by forest rangers. In any case these are trees grown in the mountains, where in winter the climate is very harsh; they are uprooted or cut in November or December, and transported throughout Italy. So after a few weeks of winter weather, these plants are also brought to the plains or cities, where the climate is much milder: to keep these trees alive it is necessary to leave them outdoors. So if we decided to buy a Christmas tree with roots of roots, remember to bury it in a large container, water it well and place it outdoors, possibly facing west or north, so that it enjoys a cool climate. If, on the other hand, we have purchased a plant without roots or we want to keep the tree at home, we remember that this plant is destined to decay, especially due to domestic heating, which is excessively hot and dry. To try to keep our tree alive for as long as possible, even in the apartment, we try to place it in a not too heated corner, away from fireplaces or radiators, and vaporize it at least a couple of times a day.