Purple lock

Purple lock

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Viola ciocca: General information

The violacciocca is commonly called "flower of the bees", as it is traditionally planted near the hives in order to attract and feed the bees. History hands down
the violet as a favorite flower from
Charlemagne. It is a very popular flower in the United Kingdom, where the plant is used to decorate the walls of the cottages. A Scottish legend tells that a girl was locked up by her father in the tower of the
family castle because he refused to marry the man chosen as her husband by
father. During the escape, organized with the help of the man that the girl really loved, the girl fell along the wall of the tower covered with violet and died. The boy never forgot his beloved and in his memory he carried a sprig of purplish in his hat for the rest of his life. The meaning attributed to the violaccio is that of absolute and complete fidelity.