Origanum - Origanum vulgare


Name: Origanum vulgare L.
Harvest: In the warmer months.
Properties: Carminative, tonic, parasitic, purgative, bechic, exciting, digestive, sudorific.
Family: Labiate.
Common names: Aracheta, majaron salvadi, mazarone salvadie, pimpinella, regamo.

Origanum - Origanum vulgare: Property

Habitat: Woods up to 1800 meters.
Parts used: Flowers and leaves.
Storage: After harvesting, they are dried and tied in bunches and in dry, dry places and stored in glass jars.
Use: Infusion and dyeing of flowers for internal use; decoction of flowers for gargling and rinsing.
Notes: The flowers can also be used to dye the wool of a red-brown color.