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Question: phalenopsis

Dear experts,
I am one of those people who include flowers among the pleasures of life. This is why I love to cram my windowsills (unfortunately I live in the apartment!) Of multicolored flowering plants, to be admired all year round behind window panes.
I could not resist the temptation to take home a magnificent phalenopsis, which will make a fine show on the kitchen table, and which I would like to keep alive for as long as possible.
I look forward to recipes and advice. Thanks.

Phalenopsis: Question: phalenopsis

Dear Alessia,
Phalenopsis is a species of orchid that is easy to grow. During the winter they must be placed in a bright area at a temperature not lower than 15 degrees. Watering must be very small. During the spring-summer season they grow well outside, in a shaded area. Watering should be more abundant. Repotting should be done every three years, in spring, in pots slightly larger than the original ones. These plants must be placed in a substrate formed by pine bark, osmunda fiber and sphagnum. Ready-made specific compounds are readily available on the market.


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