Pieris and skimmia

Pieris and skimmia

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Question: Pieris and Schimmia

hi, I need some advice about the varied Pieris I have on the terrace: I bought it in November along with 2 skimmies. Since all 3 plants had buds, I waited for the flowering and especially the spring before transplanting them into the planter. Now the three plants have bloomed, but several leaves of the pieris are yellowed and fallen. Is this normal? Can I transplant the three plants? What is their ideal position? I am currently in a sheltered corner, which has direct sunlight until about 13.30. Thanks for your attention.

Pieris and skimmia: Answer: Pieris and Schimmia

Pieris and Schimmia are acidophilic plains and salinity sensitive. In this phase, they need water and fertilizer with the same nitrogen and potassium content (for flowering plants). The Pieris needs diffused light and also bears direct light if planted in the ground. The Monkey is a sciafila plant (which loves the shadow) and must not be placed in the sun at all. For transplanting, expect after flowering, when it is appropriate to cut the exhausted flowers and perform a moderate pruning of rejuvenation of the branches. For repotting or transplanting, use a soil for acidophilic plants based on blonde peat.


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