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Question: Lavender

dear friends, I would like some information on lavender.
a friend gave my mother a lavender plant, now she is always in a pot since we live in a condominium, and she is very grown up. The neighbors would like a rummy to plant it in their terraces: my question is this WHEN IS THE BEST MOMENT TO GIVE IT?
In a newspaper I think I have read that it should be pruned in the months of September / October, if I poto it, repotting my plants and give them the pruning points of winter pruning is it okay ?? or my mother says to break a rummy now and give it to her but I am not convinced since she is making new leaves at this time.
I thank you for the suggestions you want to send me. Elena

Lavender: Answer: Lavender

Thank you for contacting us about the Lavender questions through the "" expert's column.
Lavender belongs to the Labiatae family and includes more than 28 perennial rustic plants suitable for hedges or garden borders but also for specific cultivations for the production of aromas.
The intensely perfumed flowers are gathered in apical spikes more than 7 cm long, varying in color from blue to violet.
For this type of plants, pruning consists in collecting the flowering spikes after flowering in the period of September October. Only on very vegetatively unbalanced plants (few flowers) it is advisable to thin out or sever weak plants in the months of March - April and appropriate fertilizations. As for the branch to be given to its neighbors the best period is the month of August, cuttings are taken from the side shoots not flowering 8-10 cm long and are planted in a mixture of peat and sand in equal parts. After the winter, the cuttings are definitively planted in March - April.
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