Question: Hot pepper

We bought a spicy pepper plant.
Would you advise us how to make it grow?
We live in a hilly area at 760 meters above sea level, with a rather dry climate and a sunny area. At home we can have 15 to 20 degrees.
Thank you.
Sabrina and Luciano.

Hot pepper: Answer: Hot pepper

Cara Sabrina and Luciano,
the chili pepper is a plant native to warm regions, for which it fears low temperatures and frosts.
For this reason it is good to protect it from the cold during the winter. During the winter the watering should be reduced, while in the summer period it is frequent and abundant (avoiding water stagnation, however). During the summer spring period it is advisable to place the plant outside, in a sunny position. Repotting takes place in April. To get more chillies you can fertilize with a complex ternary fertilizer per vegetable garden.