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Lemon with cochineal

Lemon with cochineal

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Question: Lemon with cochineal

Good morning
I would like information on a problem with a lemon plant with cochineal ... how can I get information?
thank you vs. answer

Lemon with cochineal: Answer: Lemon with cochineal

Dear Mr. Luigi,
Thank you for contacting us about lemon plant problems through the Expert's column
Lemons, Citrus Limon, are arboreal plants belonging to the Citrus genus. They come from India and were introduced into the Mediterranean by the Arabs. The plants have irregular branches, evergreen ovate leaves and white flowers with purple shades that produce yellow fruits (+ thick in the cedar) with an aromatic skin, thanks to essential oils, and juicy pulp.
Scale insects are insects that live on the underside of the leaves and live by sucking the sap to cause total decay of the plant.
The fight even if difficult, is normally performed with foliar treatments with white oil based insecticides.
These insects emit a sugary honeydew that turns out to be an excellent substrate for the development of the fumaggini, fungi that cause the formation of blackish crusty spots that stain fruits and branches. The fight is performed with cupric products that block the spread of the fungus.
Yours sincerely.


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