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Question: tillandsia

Hello Saturday, February 15th I bought a tillandsia composition inserted in a big glass; inside the glass there were the "instructions" that say that the tillandsia of said composition can remain under water for a period of ca. 4 weeks thanks to a
special liquid substance (contained in a small bottle inside the glass).
Practically after having emptied the bottle in the glass, the glass itself must be filled with water and placed in a bright position but away from the direct rays of the sun. I did everything, but a doubt arises: after 4 weeks what happens ???
Should I empty the glass of residual water and keep the tillandsia without water? Or rather, watering them according to what is read on your site? I would be very grateful if you could give me some more clarifications because I would not like the plants to die after 4 weeks !! Thank you so much.

Tillandsia: Answer: tillandsia

Dear Nadia,
We thank you for contacting us regarding the repotting of your plant, through the "" expert's column. The Tillandsia belongs to the botanical family of the Bromeliads. It includes over 500 species of herbaceous, terrestrial or epiphytic, evergreen plants, very common in subtropical environments of America.
It is a plant originating from Perch where it grows on tree branches and which in our conditions is suitable for growing in pots, in a hot and humid environment. It needs water even in the winter months, while it is necessary to abound in the summer months, a period in which it is also necessary to protect the plant from light with shading.
It has linear leaves and is renowned for its elliptical inflorescence, almost 5 cm wide and 10 cm high, composed of symmetrical and overlapping bracts (pink or red) that bear the blue-violet flowers that bloom during the summer.
It is preferable to repot your tillandsia in the ground and do it before flowering, this period except for special conditions is around March-April, to facilitate the operation it is necessary to wet the soil well.
Instead, it is useful to increase the diameter of the vessel reasonably to rebalance the plant.